Microfibre Systems

Why use Disposable Microfibre

Remove bacteria effectively with our microfibre products

"When patients have the possibility of choosing a hospital, the first criterion is of course the quality and qualifications of the doctors. But as many as 97% of the patient's rate "cleanliness of hospital and patient room" as the second most important criterion." (Bertelsmann study, 2006).

Because of that, we offer microfibre-based mops and cloths which lead to a superior level of bacteria reduction. Independent tests show a 99.99% bacteria removal with the help of our products.

In addition, Oats has all the relevant healthcare certificates for mops and cloths that have direct surface contact. We also offer our single use range for sensitive hygiene areas or sites without any access to a laundry.

Reasons to investigate change
  • Increase hygiene levels and procedures for mopping process.
  • WHOs ( mopping injuries and slip hazards )
  • Improve Infection control standards within the Mopping process.

Outcomes we were looking to achieve

  • Reduce mopping injuries.
  • Decrease infection control risk.
  • Reduced slip hazards.
  • Chemical reduction.

 Oates Microfibre

How Microfibre works beneath the surface

What is a microfibre cleaning system

  • Cloths and mops pre-moistened
  • Cloths and mops machine washed, not rinsed and re-used
  • Clean cloths and mops in every room
  • Only microfibre utensils
  • Often without detergents


Single Use Disposable Microfibre

 Hypro MF® Single use microfibre mop pads certified to removal 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.
  • Hygiene: Color coded, antifray overlocked edges, ultrasonic cut.
  • Productivity: Floor coverage greater than 20m², reducing the mops needed onsite, reduction in the frequency of mop changes
  • Make it my own: Custom printing option available i.e. Hospital name (reduced risk of theft) or application area such as Operating Theatre ( to reinforce operating procedures)

Additional Benefits

  • Certified Removal Coronavirus
  • Removal  Bacteria.
  • Increased infection controlled as pads are disposed of straight away and not proceeding to Laundry.
  • Time efficient for unplanned discharge and infection cleaning.


Benefits of a pre-prepared methods compared to traditional wringer bucket and mop head 


  • Time savings: faster in preparation; fewer mop changes
  • Better cleaning performance due to even contact zone
  • Intensive microfibre cleaning performance
  • Flexible in application: all type of floor and surfaces (floor, walls and ceiling)


  • Effective in Virus and Bacteria removal
  • Limit cross-contamination replacing mop at each room
  • RFID Technology to track mop history: wash circle; area of destination, …)


  • Savings through less mop investments
  • Less consumption of chemicals and water
  • Less washing costs: lighter mops, less power costs
    or bucket-with-flat-press method.


  • Low weight system and low friction mops at comparable floor coverage
  • No muscle stress as no wringing and rinsing is required
  • More control over homogeneous floor coverage due to rectangular geometry.


  • Quicker drying time
  • Reduces Risks of slips


Microfibre System Accessories

Oates Telescopic Handle

  • Lightweight aluminium handle
  • Enable to work ergonomically whether cleaning floors, walls or ceilings
  • Rotary globe follows movements throughout the day to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).
  • Anti-run ring allows to wedge hand and make work even easier
  • Handle extends to 1.6m
  • Dimensions: W63 × D63 × H975-1600mm

Oates Ergoslider MKII

  • Sliding frame allows easy access to obstructed areas
  • Industrial quality and strength ideal for wet or dry use
  • Ergonomic design allows user to reposition the frame with a simple foot tap
  • Improved Angled frame and rail design for quicker access to the remote spaces under furniture corners and along skirting boards
  • Improved locking mechanism is easier to use


Oates Microfibre systems have been implemented into hospitals across Australia based on the time saving and cleaning effectiveness. If you have any queries or need advice please complete the ENQUIRY FORM or contact your nearest team directly CROFT LOCATIONS.







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