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Date: 31-01-2023

Alternatives to Plastic Takeaway Containers That Are Made From Plants

When it comes to serving food to consumers on the go, disposable takeaway food containers offer a convenient way to present the food both beautifully and hygienically. But this convenience doesn’t have to cost the earth with BioPak food packaging.

It's important to consider that not all food takeaway containers are created equal! Conventional disposable takeaway containers like polystyrene food packaging and plastic takeaway containers are made from fossil fuels. After a short useful life of approximately 20 minutes, conventional disposable plastic containers usually end up in landfill, where they take hundreds of years to break down into tiny microplastics that pollute the environment. 

BioCane Takeaway Containers 

Our BioCane range is made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable, plastic-free sugarcane pulp – a by-product of the sugar-refining industry. Our range of takeaway containers made from plant fibre includes bagasse clamshells, sugarcane square containers, bagasse rectangle containers, bagasse bowls and sauce cups with lids.

BioBoard Takeaway Containers 

Our sustainably sourced paperboard range includes paper bowls with lids, french fry packaging, burger boxes, hot dog boxes, paper trays, clamshell packaging, noodle boxes, paper lunch boxes, and sandwich wedges. 

This range includes FSC™ certified rectangular paper containers lined with bioplastic made from plants, not oil – perfect for hot, saucy and greasy food. They are certified industrially compostable to Australian standards (AS4736) and can be composted together with food after use. Available in four sizes with matching paper, CPLA, PP and PET lids. 

Clear Bioplastic Takeaway 

Prefer clear takeaway containers? Our clear bowls with lids and sauce cups with lids are made from Ingeo™ bioplastic.

Rethinking Packaging for the Circular Economy

Our mission is to create sustainable packaging that puts the planet first. At BioPak we champion the transition to a circular economy with industry-leading products made from plants. Our product range is predominantly made from renewable materials and certified compostable.

Switching to BioPak packaging, in conjunction with a waste collection service solution, enables businesses to divert their food and packaging waste from landfill and convert it into nutrient-rich compost.

BioPak combines innovative material design with a business model that is responsible and sustainable to create a truly regenerative brand, one that creates products that are as safe and healthy for people as they are for the environment.

When our products end up in landfill, the carbon emissions they release represent 60% of their total lifecycle footprint. We are working on an emissions reduction roadmap that will see us invest in local projects that help divert packaging and food waste from landfills. We are also working to reduce our operations and supply chain emissions.


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Packaging Made From Plants

Designed for the circular economy where resources are reused and not wasted. 

Responsibly Sourced & Manufactured

Packaging manufactured from responsibly sourced materials.

Certified Compostable

We support composting as the best solution for food packaging.

Emissions Reduction

We have a roadmap in place to reduce our carbon emissions in our supply chain and operations.







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