Croft Essential Products Exceptional Care 

Croft Cleaning, Catering and Hygiene Supplies

Croft is an independent, third-generation, family owned company that has worked with Australian businesses for over 75 years.

We provide value by being big enough to compete and offer the best products at competitive rates and small enough to care for each of our clients like family. It’s this level of service and pride in our work that we know benefits all within the Croft community.


Total Supply Solution

Croft is your one-stop solution for cleaning, catering, hospitality, health and hygiene supplies with prices and service trusted by some of Australia’s most prominent government, commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

We continually work with our trade partners to identify innovative, sustainable, and cost effective system solutions, producing quality outcomes for our clients

Put simply, it’s “Essential products, exceptional care.”


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Putting Confidence in your Compliance

With the increasing amount of complexity, compliance and regulation entering the industry, Croft saw the need to further support our network of customers. After years of learnings, collaboration and consultation with operational experts, Croft developed propriety systems and products to lessen staff burden, create effciencies and deliver cost savings in the workplace.


Croft Putting confidence in your compliance

Product & Training Experts

We understand the need to recruit, retain and train quality people. Our training platforms are designed around a framework that will assist in providing a safe, risk-free workplace and a more efficient and effective operating team.

Customise & Innovate your Product Range

We see the need to provide you with the most comprehensive and competitive range in the marketplace. Over 75 years of business has provided us with strong manufacturer relationships and internal expertise so we are always at the forefront of product innovations. 

Online Procurement Platforms

We aim to reduce the number of manual processes, increasing accuracy and effciencies. Our online platforms can be tailored to meet your requirements in a variety of ways.

Customised Management & Reporting

We understand designing and tailoring reports can create effciencies and deliver cost savings, removing paperwork, approvals and double-handling. Working to identify these opportunities creates value for our clients.

Industry Best Customer Care

The ability to be flexible, personable and responsive in today’s bureaucratic environment is critical to our success. Controlling customer service teams, distribution network and supply chain is key.

Confidence in Supply & Australian Owned

Long term partnerships built over 7 decades has allowed us to refine our operations with our suppliers and manufacturers to exceed expectations in the toughest of times.

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Croft Essential Products Exceptional Care







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