With the increasing amount of complexity, compliance and regulation entering the industry, Croft saw the need to further support our network of customers. After years of learnings, collaboration and consultation with operational experts, Croft developed propriety systems and products to lessen staff burden, create efficiencies and deliver cost savings in the workplace. 

Croft partner with you to ensure your teams are equipped with the tools to exceed hygiene, WHS and compliance standards while creating greater efficiencies.


Product & Training Experts

We understand the need to recruit, retain and train the best people in the industry. Our training programs are designed around a framework that will assist in providing a safe, risk-free workplace and a more efficient and effective operating team.

The Framework is as follows:

• Training Needs – We will conduct a training needs analysis that will identify the scope i.e. who requires training, training topics, methods of delivery.

• Define Competencies - Design a customised range of competencies that meet the training requirements.

• Design Content – Our team of experts will create modularised / vignette style content based on competency framework defined.

• Deliver Training – Training modules to be delivered through a variety of mediums such as online, F2F, video, zoom, hand-outs.

• Continuous improvement – review and amend training modules based on industry, product changes and feedback.


Customise & Innovate your Product Range

We see the need to provide you with the most comprehensive and competitive range in the marketplace. Over 75 years of business has provided us with strong manufacturer relationships and internal expertise so we are always at the forefront of product innovations.

• Janitorial & washroom supplies, commercial cleaning chemicals & equipment, as well as industrial floor cleaning machinery.

• Pre-COVID trips to global industry trade shows and conferences providing insights and innovations.

• Socially responsible, Australian Made and sustainable ranges that meet your facilities needs.

• Product ranges that meet the specific financial and operational requirements.

• Start up kits designed and set for commercial and retail installations.

• All at industry leading pricing.


Online Procurement Platforms

We understand the need to reduce the number of manual processes, increasing accuracy and efficiencies. Our online platforms can be tailored to meet your requirements in a variety of ways.

• Weekly / Monthly / Yearly budgets can be set for each site or department.

• Manager order approval restrictions can be applied.

• Locked and contracted basket of goods to prevent unauthorised ordering.


Customised Management & Reporting

We understand designing and tailoring reports can create efficiencies and deliver cost savings, removing paperwork, approvals and double-handling. Working to identify these opportunities creates value for our clients.

• Customised reporting and invoicing to meet your operational requirements.

• General ledger & cost centre coding to create efficiencies.

• Centralised account management to harmonise your operation.


Industry Best Customer Care

The ability to be flexible, personable and responsive in today’s bureaucratic environment is critical to our success. Controlling customer service teams, distribution network and supply chain is key.

• Our fleet of company drivers adhere to your specific drop requirements.

• All warehouses are strategically located within 20 minutes of the CBD.

• Our flexibility and responsiveness to your urgent needs is an industry benchmark, with no red-tape” to prohibit your end result.

• Customer Care experts at all our locations to look after your needs.

• Localised advice in regions to work with teams at site.


Confidence in Supply & Australian Owned

Long term partnerships built over 7 decades has allowed us to refine our operations with our suppliers and manufacturers to exceed expectations in the toughest of times.

• One of Australia’s largest independent distributors of Kimberly Clark and Asaleo (Tork).

• 30 years of importing and manufacturing experience.

• 75 years of long-term manufacturer relationships.

• Industry standard DIFOT.

• National distribution.



Our highly trained staff and industry experts are passionate about providing knowledgeable, value creating solutions for your needs across a broad range of categories.

We pride ourselves on personalised service which allows us to compete aggressively with the multinationals through great service, nationwide delivery and quality hygiene solutions for all businesses.

Our national team has extensive experience creating efficient low touch solutions for large government tenders, commercial cleaners, food processing centers, age care homes, hospitals, schools, universities, manufacturers, bars, restaurants, hotels and more.


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